The Power Probe Hook Review

The Look

Ok, so there has been a lot of discussion about the new Power Probe Hook that I have decided to give it a try for myself. I purchased the power probe hook last week to determine if it was truly worth all the hype. In the pictures you can see the power probe hook has a similar appearance to the older power probe 3 model. The initial striking difference is the larger display screen accompanied by the very pronounced hook for which this product gets its name. The PP Hook also utilizes the universal 4mm banana jack that connects to all of the power probe parts and accessories. What I’ve always enjoyed about the power probe line of products are the ease at which you can operate them and with the 2 line lcd display, nearly anyone can operate this tool.

Power Probe Hook

The Power Probe Hook delivers excellent functionality with incredible speed

The Function

Another neat feature of this tool is the intelligent tip that can decide automatically whether you’re measuring amps, ohms, or anything else for that matter. We decided to test the reliability of this smart sensor in this newer model by utilizing several different connections in our garage. I first used the probe to make contact to a simple car battery and instantly the tool lit up and gave me the correct voltage reading. I decided to then measure the ground on the battery and instantly the hook became an ohmmeter. One thing that is unique and has been incredibly reliable has been the ability to direct power through the hook. The first couple times I kept tripping the default 20amp setting. Finally I decided to read the instruction manual (probably should have started with that) and figured out how to change the default settings. Once I was able to do that I was able to send the power and charge up everything from fans to lights to test the amperage. The Probe also has the neat ability to change settings with relative ease. You can switch settings from 2-65 amps of the internal circuit breaker. Although I did not truly work with any super sensitive equipment, the ability to change settings certainly gives you that capability.

After the day in the garage with the hook by power probe I determined my motor was in great condition (this I already knew but hey, we had to do a review right). The Probe allowed me to see the amperage flowing though a component and see if the current draw was too high. Some other features that we tested out were the hot shot modes and the voltage reference supply mode. The hot shot mode allowed us to load test power and ground connections and receive a quick ass or fail result. In the voltage reference supply mode allowed us to send half-volt increments to sensors so we could discover any shorts. Paired with an OBD scanner you have nearly everything in your hand to quickly diagnose any electrical needs.

Power Probe Hook under the hood

Power Probe Hook using one of the many key functions to test circuits

The Verdict

Overall I have to rank the Power Probe Hook as one of the best products to come from Power Probe. With the ease, intelligence, and reliability this tool is a must have for any serious shop. The only drawback is the high cost associated with this tool. In an effort help mitigate the cost we have decided to offer a sales price on our website for $361.99. I can personally say this is my favorite tool that Power Probe has come out with. You can check out the technical specs and buy one below. For any questions tweet us @solycostacargo or email us at

Power Probe Hook

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